Kleopatra Royal Palm
Kleopatra Royal Palm Hotel

In order to protect the environment and ensure the necessity of sustainable tourism, we determine our impact on the environment, we control the negative effects, possible dangers and wastes.
We make an effort to minimize the use of natural resources, energy consumption and pollution of air, water and soil. We comply with the laws, regulations and legislatiton of our country regarding the environment, occupational health and safety, and human rights, and we fulfill all the reguiremenis.
While we conducting our activities, we take and implement the necessary measures to protect our guests and employees from possible injuries and illnesses and to provide good working conditions.
We try to ensure that our environmental awareness and social responsibilities are adopted not only with our employees, but also with our guests, suppliers, subcontractors and authorized authorities. We contribute to the production of environmental protection and social responsibility projects by collaborating with local governments, supplier companies and non-governmental organizations.
We take all necessary measures to increase local employment, protect and enrich natural life, and share all our activities with the public in order to protect our environment.

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